No Sand in the House!


Welcome to "No Sand in the House!"

Whether you live near a beach year-round or just visit one every chance you get, this is the site for you!  For anyone who loves the beach and has been told to keep the sand outside, this children's book will bring back memories and touch your heart -- no matter what beach you choose to call home.
When Hurricane Sandy struck the New Jersey Shore in October 2012, the impact devastated communities along the coast. The heartache at losing homes and businesses didn't remain with just the residents and shop keepers. It reached to those across statelines who call the Jersey Shore home for a part of every summer.

As a small gesture of what one person can do, proceeds from the sale of "No Sand in the House!" will be donated to organizations that are currently working to rebuild the Jersey Shore for this and future generations.  Visit the "Links" section to see who you can help by purchasing "No Sand in the House!"

Enjoy the book and have fun browsing the site.

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